All about sustainable recycled cotton yarn
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02 March 2020

All about sustainable recycled cotton yarn

All about sustainable recycled cotton yarn
Whether you are a novice crochet or knitter or already have a lot of experience, we have the most beautiful yarn for anyone looking for durable recycled cotton yarn. Hoooked stands for recycling and creativity. We are convinced that you can make beautiful products from "waste". Want to know more about recycled cotton yarn? Then continue reading, because in this blog we explain all about our sustainable recycled cotton yarns!

Hoooked Zpagetti T-shirt yarn is a super chunky recycled cotton yarn made from remnants of textile production. We do this in our own Hoooked recycling centre in Portugal. Here the "textile waste" is selected and sorted in small runs by colour shade and composition. The collections are always small and changing on a daily basis. So make sure to stock up enough yarn for your project! Zpagetti T-yarn usually contains 95% cotton and the remaining part is made up of elastane and/or lycra. The thread is between 1 and 2.5 centimetres, so you will need between 12-15 mm (US size 16-18) crochet or knitting needles . This allows you to achieve unique end results in no time! Zpagetti is washable at low temperatures and keeps its optimal shape if you wash your creation inside a pillowcase in the washing machine. Zpagetti is well suited for home accessories, because it is super chunky, but still has enough stretch. Take a look at our easy-DIY kits for knitted Zpagetti poufs!

Quite the yarn! RibbonXL is a super chunky yet lightweight cotton yarn made from 100% recycled cotton fibres. The cotton fibres are mixed (no additionally dyed) and are spun again. Then this cotton tape yarn is knitted with a special machine. RibbonXL is very versatile but perfect to crochet trendy rugs or knit cosy plaids due to the particular light structure of the yarn. RibbonXL recycled cotton yarn consists of 80% cotton and 20% other recycled fibres. Each bobbin weights approximately 250 grams and contains on average 130 meters (US 8.8 oz – 142 yds). You create the best results with RibbonXL if you work with knitting needles or crochet hooks of 8 to 10 mm (US size 11-15). RibbonXL is available in more than 35 wonderful fashion colours. There is also the RibbonXL Lurex collection, where a subtle glitter is incorporated into the yarn. Are you crazy about brightly coloured cotton yarns? We also have a great collection of five bright neon colours (RibbonXL Rainbow Rave) for the more daring knitting or crochet projects. This super cotton tape yarn is also washable in washing machine on cold temperatures. 

Eco Barbante  
Just as the previous yarns, Eco Barbante is a sustainable recycled cotton yarn. Textile remnants are recycled in a sustainable way, respecting nature, without chemical treatments or water usage. Eco Barbante recycled cotton yarn consists of 85% recycled cotton and 15% other recycled fibres. This cotton yarn is sturdy and soft at the same time. A perfect choice for your next amigurumi project! But we also have some free patterns for summer crochet bags with Eco Barbante. Eco Barbante is available in solid colours, but also in mixed colours for a funky detail. The possibilities are endless! For an optimal result we recommend to work with our bamboo needles 4-6 mm (US size 6-10).

Spesso Chunky Cotton 
Hoooked Spesso Chunky Cotton is a super chunky eco-friendly recycled cotton yarn consisting of 24 twisting threads with a thickness of 5 mm. This thick, lushious and super soft yarn is fantastic for macrame decor! Combing the edges of your Spesso macrame project will create the most beautiful and luxurious fringes you have ever seen. Just like our other cotton yarns, Spesso Chunky Cotton yarn is 100% recycled. After being collected, textile waste is sorted by colour, shredded into yarn fibre and spun again into this crafty cotton yarn. No additional dyes are applied. Our Spesso collection is available in 16 fabulous fashion colours. For your knit and crochet projects with Spesso we recommend to work this yarn with needle sizes 8-10 mm. For ideas about what you can make with this super thick macramé yarn, take a look at our collection of macramé patterns