All you want for Christmas! 5 perfect DIY gifts to make

02 December 2020

All you want for Christmas! 5 perfect DIY gifts to make

All you want for Christmas! 5 perfect DIY gifts to make

Oh, baby it’s cold outside! This is the time of the year when we are starting to think about Christmas and what we are going to make for family and loved once. Nothing beats a handmade gift, we think. In this blog we focus on the perfect DIY Christmas gifts for this festive season. Macramé, crochet or knitting, whatever you will be making we wish you loads of fun and relaxation time when making your perfect crafty Christmas gift! Do not forget to share your progress with us on Instagram with the hashtag #shareyourhoooked. We’d love to see what you make!

1. Crochet a Christmas garland!

Christmas garlands are beautiful festive decorations for at home and if you can make one yourself: even better! Decorate your home with a gorgeous crochet Christmas garland filled with traditional details, such as the ginger bread man, mistletoe and red crochet berries. This fantastic Christmas garland project ticks all our boxes and was designed by our crochet friend Samantha from Follow the Crochet. This Christmas project is easy to complete for everybody with an intermediate level of experience in crochet. So make sure to start your Christmas garland project now!

2. Make the cutest, cuddly Reindeer on the planet! 

So, what is another great Christmas gift? We think this cute amigurumi reindeer Rue is a wonderful cuddly toy for under the Christmas tree. A nice, snuggly friend for any kid to play with on Christmas morning! The best thing of all: crocheting this reindeer is the most fun part of this gift. This is a delightful project guaranteeing you a few hours of pure crochet bliss and mindfulness. Not in the habit of crocheting amigurumi? The reindeer also comes in a very nice and affordable DIY kit to gift a crafty friend.

3. Christmas Bling Tunsian placemats to decorate your dinner table

We love a bit of bling and Christmas season is just the right time to go a bit overboard with glam. So why not throw in some crochet sparkles? These Tunisian placemats are the perfect plate sized crochet coasters to glam up your Christmas table. The RibbonXL Lurex yarn give this project just the right amount of sparkle and shine. We love it! Our Dutch crochet friend StudioHedwig made this free pattern for a sparkly set of Christmas placemats. Get it now!  

4. Macramé Christmas Tree Wall hanger

This macramé Christmas project is great for anyone that wants to learn how to macramé. With this project, you will learn how to make a super-cute and oh-so-simple DIY macramé Christmas ornament using basic macramé knots. This Christmas project is designed by macramé artisan Elma Pluim and is truly great for beginners. Make sure to check out this macramé set when looking for fun and easy macramé projects to make with children!


5. Knitted plaid for a cosy night in

In the dark days before and after Christmas, sometimes all you want to do is crawl on the sofa and have a cosy night in. We sure feel like this by the time we hit Boxing Day. It is time to release all the tensions of preparing the holidays. This knitted plaid is very textured and serves as the perfect weighted blanket to reduce any stress. Just snooze away and decompress...