DIY face masks

14 April 2020

DIY face masks

DIY face masks
How to make a face mask
Although people are required to maintain social distance and bars, cafés and shops are now closed, there are still many areas where people continue to work and meet on a daily basis. We all need groceries and that is why we cannot avoid going to the grocery store every now and then.

Does a selfmade mouth-nose mask help to protect

We really think so. Although self-made masks are not as effective as FFP2 and FFP3 masks, these masks can also help to reduce the spread of droplet infection. Coughing and sneezing into the masks provides good protection for third parties, as the droplets are not sprayed completely. In addition, it prevents the wearer of such a "mouth-nose mask" from constantly touching his face and thus bringing the viruses from the hands into the body.
PPE certified mask are scarce and should be reserved for medical staff working on the front line, so they can be protected and safe doing their important job of saving lives. But with this self-made mask you can contribute to a safer environment for all of us that have to be in public spaces. It is very important to use these face masks properly. Here are some important aspects:

- The masks are not ready to use right after sewing. They need to be sterilised first.
- The masks need to be changed and sterilised after every use - you cannot wear the same mask to go shopping in the morning and to go to the post office in the afternoon.
- You can sterilise the mask by hot washing it in the washing machine at 60 or ideally 90 degrees Celsius, or by boiling it for 5 to 10 minutes in a pot of hot water.
- It is important you take the mask off without touching the face piece.

What do I need to make this mask?
You only need a piece of woven cotton and some t-shirt yarn to make this mask. And a sewing machine of course!

Is this a difficult project?
This DIY project is easy to sew and can be done by anyone with minimal experience in sewing. You also need a minimal amount of materials. So, get your sewing machine out and engage in this project! It is a fast and easy project you can do at home and which will turn out extremely useful. You will make a washable and reusable face mask for everyday use. The project only takes up a few minutes, allowing you to make multiple face masks in just an hour or so.

Do you have a step-by step tutorial? 
Download the Schnittenliebe pattern here. We have translated this pattern to make it available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch so many people are able to use this pattern. So please do share it with your friends! The German Youtuber shared a great video tutorial about this sewing pattern.

How do I find cheap t-shirt yarn?
Hoooked supports the initiative of for an easy DIY facial mask. In cooperation with various partners, we offer t-shirt yarn packs at cost price. Hoooked makes no profit with this article.


Geesje in collab with Schnittenliebe