Do-it-yourself crochet hair scrunchies
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01 April 2020

Do-it-yourself crochet hair scrunchies

Do-it-yourself crochet hair scrunchies
Scrunchies are back! This trend has made a comeback and you can find it everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. Making your own scrunchie with yarn is as easy as pie. Our new DK yarn Soft Cotton DK is perfect for these little projects! Alternatively you can also use a bit of Eco Barbante.

What you need: 

How to crochet hair scrunchies

R1: Start with a round of dc around your elastic. Make sure to stretch the elastic in between so that it is completely covered when you pull the elastic around your hair. Join with a sl st.

R2: Chain 3 (counts as first treble), 1 tr in same space as you made the ch3, 2 tr in every dc. Join with a sl st and bind off.

And that’s it, your scrunchie is ready to be used! You can make your scrunchie with any yarn and any colour you’d like. Or you can even mix multiple colours in one scrunchie!

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