Easy bohemian macramé wall hanger
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05 February 2020

Easy bohemian macramé wall hanger

Easy bohemian macramé wall hanger
We just love the bohemian look of a macramé wall hanger. The technique for this project is easy to master and there are endless of variations possible. This free pattern for a macramé hanger is simple and versatile. This macramé project can be made in a few hours and is great for creating an indoor summer vibe. We chose the colour white as it reminds of the wonderful holiday house we rented in Greece last summer.

What you need
Branch of thrift wood
1 bobbin of Spesso Lotus White
A pair of scissors

Macramé knots used

Lark's head knot:

Decreasing alternating square knots:

1. Cut around 1,50 meters (59.1") of Hoooked Spesso and tie at 60 cm (23.6") with a lark’s head knot to the left side of the branch. Take the longer side of the yarn and attach with a lark’s head knot around 35 cm (13.8") to the right side of the branch. Let the other 60 cm (23.6") of yarn hang down on the right side. This is your base.
2. Cut 38 strands of Spesso (around 120 cm/47.2" each). Fold each strand and attach on the rope with a lark’s head knot.
3. The 38 strands should fill the rope (35 cm/13.8") completely and tightly. Now you tie a full row of half knots, including the 2 strands of the base cord (see step 1).
4. Continue decreasing alternating half knots until you have just 1 knot remaining.
5. Cut the remaining yarn in 72 strands of around 75 - 80 cm each (29.5"-31.5") and make a decorative fringe by knotting larks head all around the open spaces of the project.
6. Optional: comb the fringes with a pet comb for an extra fluffy, flowing look.
7. Hang the project on the wall, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

Feeling inspired? Let us know in the comments! More free Hoooked patterns can be found here.