How to choose the perfect yarn for your project

09 September 2019

How to choose the perfect yarn for your project

How to choose the perfect yarn for your project

Nothing beats starting a new knitting or crochet project… except for choosing the yarn! Thinking about the material, choosing a yarn weight, and creating the perfect palette: it’s almost as satisfying as binding off a beautiful new creation. Choosing your yarn is a lot of fun, but it can also be a challenge. Not sure which yarn is right for your next project? Here’s a handy guide to help you choose!


You can choose all sorts of yarn for a sweater: from wool to acrylic, and from fingering weight to super chunky. It all depends on the pattern, and your own personal preference. One thing to avoid, though, is sturdy yarns. It might be tempting to use a T-shirt yarn to create a new garment (and how fun would it be to turn old T-shirts into a new garment?), but you won’t get the kind of drape necessary for a beautiful and comfortable sweater. 

Something else to take into account is the season you’re crafting for. Want a sweater that’ll keep you nice and warm through the coldest of winters? Wool and acrylic are great choices! But if you want to knit or crochet a piece you can wear in milder months, go for cotton. It’s also great at wicking moisture, and won’t be as warm. Linen is also fantastic for summer garments, but can be a little more challenging to work with. Why not get the best of both worlds by using cotton-linen blend like Somen?

Home decor

Are you thinking of making a colourful pouf to brighten up your living room, or a handy storage basket? Then you want nice sturdy yarn that will hold its shape well. T-shirt yarn like Zpagetti is a great choice: it’s thick and a little stretchy, making it strong enough for home decor projects but still easy to work with. And, not unimportantly, it crochets and knits up nice and fast — so you won’t be working on that one pouf forever! A ribbon yarn like RibbonXL is also a great choice: it offers the same benefits as T-shirt yarn, but will give you a different look because of its shape.

Thinking of making a rug? Then you have even more good yarn options. In addition to T-shirt yarn and ribbon yarn, you could also consider using Jute! This will give your creations a more rustic look, and make them even more durable. Jute is also a great choice for macramé plant hangers and wall art! Want something a little softer for these projects? Then try a nice thick cotton yarn, like our Spesso Chunky Cotton.

Amigurumi and toys

Want to make some adorable amigurumi, or other knitted or crocheted toys? Acrylic yarn is a solid choice: it’s durable, soft, easy to wash, and comes in a plenty of bright colours. 

Prefer natural yarns? Or do you just want all those characteristics, but with better stitch definition? Then go for cotton yarn, such as Eco Barbante. There’s a reason that it’s been the go-to yarn for baby crafts for so long! 

Fashion accessories

When you’re crafting fashion accessories, you can really go with any yarn you like — the main thing is that you like how it looks, it’s the right weight for the pattern you’re going to make, and it’s not too much bother to clean. 

If you’re crocheting or knitting your own accessories, why not try out a yarn with a special texture or effect? We’re a big fan of shimmery yarns, especially for bags and clutches. Our RibbonXL Lurex yarn is fantastic for giving your handmade accessories a touch of glamour!

Baby clothes and blankets

When it comes to crafts for babies, you want something that’s nice and soft on delicate skin. Cotton is a great choice for makes that are going to need to be washed on high temperatures frequently. 

If you’re making something that is less ‘accident-prone’, like a hat or blanket, you don’t have to worry as much about washing instructions and can use any soft yarn you like. We love using our Eucalyps yarn for baby crafts: this plant-based yarn is soft, silky, and highly absorbent — and with its subtle sheen, it looks as good as it feels.