How to crochet the bobble stitch

30 June 2020

How to crochet the bobble stitch

How to crochet the bobble stitch
A bobble is a very sturdy stitch, which is made by working a group of stitches into one stitch. For this stitch, we used trebles. At the end of the stitch, the group of stitches are worked together to form just one stitch. The bobble consists of 5 stitches and are made into the back of the stitch and surrounded by double crochet stitches. A bobble stitch creates a nice relief in your crochet work. You can choose individual bobbles, grouped bobbles, but also multicoloured bobbles. You can use the bobble stitch in amigurumi, sweaters, cardigans, hats, (baby) blankets, pillows or you can make a nice wall hanger!

How do you make a basic 5-stitch bobble?

Treble bobbles on a base of double crochet worked into the back of the stitch. When the wrong side is facing you, work double crochet to where you want your bobble. Work 4 incomplete trebles into the same stitch. You do this as follows: 

Yarn over, insert hook in stitch indicated, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops on your hook, leave 2 stitches on your hook (you don’t finish your stitch), yarn over, insert hook in same stich, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on your hook, you will now have 3 loops on your hook. Repeat this until you have 5 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through the 5 loops on your hook to finish your bobble. 

If you want to use bobbles in your own pattern, keep in mind that you will need more yarn for your project. A bobble stitch uses more yarn than most other stitches. 

If you want to get rid of scraps of yarn, make multicoloured bobbles. Work double crochet in the main colour, but do not finish the last double crochet before the bobble. Two loops of the main colour remain on your hook, take the scrap yarn and finish the stitch with this colour. Make the bobble in the next stitch with this colour. When you have finished the bobble, change back to the main colour.