Terms and conditions

Hoooked is known for the quality of its products. Not satisfied with your purchase at our website? Please
notify us through the mail or via our phone number (see contact page). You can return most products
you have purchased from us, against certain conditions.
  • Everything you see online is in stock

    Hoooked Zpagetti is sold in unique and changing collections. We only sell items we have in stock ourselves, in our own warehouse. So after processing, your order is always sent out; no back orders at Hoooked! Our collections have differences in colors, patterns and prints. This means that re-ordering of the same color, design or printing is often not possible. When ordering our handcrafted items there may be some differences in shape and or color compared to the image shown on the website. This is logical because no two handmade items are the same.
  • Before you order

    Our products are photographed with the utmost care so that the colors shown approximate reality as closely as possible. Due to difference in resolution and screens you might use, the color might seem different to you. We advise you to look at the detailed pictures and the description of the product carefully before you purchase our products. Do you have questions doubt about the color? Ask us to list the RAL color reference of the items so you know exactly what color your preferred item has.

  • Order

    When ordering you will receive a statement of the amount payable, including and excluding VAT. This statement also includes and a summary of the items ordered and the delivery information (order code, name, address and city). All prices on the website are mentioned in Euros.
  • Canceling

    When ordering at our website, know all the goods are in stock. We hold nothing in back order and ship ath the same day or the next business day. If after processing your order, you regret your purchase, please send an email directly. If your goods at that time have not been sent, we will cancel your order and refund the purchase price. If you want to cancel the order at a later stage, you may return them at your own costs and we will after recieving the goods in undamaged condition, immediately refund your purchase price to you.
  • Shipping

    Shipping takes place via DHL. At the moment we hand the goods over to DHL, you will receive directly a track and trace number via your email address.Shipping charges are calculated based on weight. Hoooked, en calculates no additional packaging costs.
    If a package is offered visibly damaged, we ask you to refuse the carton and notify us of the event. If you accept packages with damages, you risk to lose the opportunity to complain about your order.
  • Complaint

    Are you not satisfied with the goods received, if something is missing something or if there is damage. Notify us and we take care of it! Send an email to us with a clear description of the complaint and your contact information. 
    Please do not forget to mention the order number and attach, if possible, a digital photo of the defective product. If the goods are damaged or do not meet the definitions, we will send it out again, or if you wish, we will refund the purchase price of the items reimbursed. These actions will be taken after we have consulted you. Hoooked will in anyway contact you within two working days after receiving your complaint, , to arrange an appropriate solution.
  • Returns and refund

    A wrong or defective item can be exchanged for another item of your choise. This can be done via at one of our local dealers or else directly via our warehouse. Send the goods to our contact address listed on the website and we we will reimburse the additional shipping if the goods are damaged or do not meet the definition. Inconsultation with you we either reship another item of your choice or refund the full purchase price. 
  • Intellectual property and copyrights

    Hoooked Zpagetti is an internationally registered trademark, first registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. The zpagetti sold here has been registered both as a model and as a brand and is exclusively imported and marketed under the name Zpagetti. 
    Hoooked will act against businesses or individuals who use the product or the brand name for identical products or services or to companies or individuals who use a similar product or service similar to the brand or model Hoooked Zpagetti.