Jute yarn, great for indoors and outdoors!
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16 March 2020

Jute yarn, great for indoors and outdoors!

Jute yarn, great for indoors and outdoors!
Jute yarn is a sustainable and nice alternative for indoor and outdoor projects. With this durable yarn you can crochet a rustic rug, knit a sturdy garden cushion or knot a beautiful macrame plant hanger, among other things. In this blog we tell you why we love this fair-trade yarn! 

Jute yarn is made from sturdy 100% vegetable fibres and offers a wide range of crafty possibilities for indoor and outdoor projects. Its natural properties ensure a fully biodegradable final product. The handling of Jute can be a bit rough, compared to soft cotton yarn, but this fibre creates wonderful and durable projects that hold their shape very well. Ideal for baskets and floor mats.

The Hoooked Jute collection is fair trade and is available in a range of six toxic-free pastel colours. Hoooked 100% Natural Jute yarn from the Amazons is made without the use of fertilizer or pesticides by a BCS certified sustainable family-owned company in Brazil.

Free crochet pattern door mate jute 
Should you want to try this natural yarn out yourself, then making this cosy door mat is an excellent choice. The pattern is straight forward and suitable for absolute beginners in crochet. Because jute is durable it holds its shape exceptionally well without the need for any stiffener. Over time the texture will become more beautiful.

What materials do you need? 

This floor mat is 64 cm x 50 cm (25"/19")

Please note: this pattern is written in UK English, where it says dc, US natives should crochet sc.

Get started and crochet a door mat with jute

Chain 30 (approx 64 cm/25")
R1. Crochet 1 dc in the 2nd stitch (counted from the hook), crochet 1 dc in every stitch, chain and turn the work.
R2-27. Crochet 1 dc in every stitch. Your work should be 50 cm/20".

Finish with cute fringes

Cut the Serenity Mint Jute yarn in 81 strands of approx. 10-12 cm (3.9" - 4.7"). Fold them by the three, fold and pull the loop through the crochet work and tighten. This way you create a nice finishing with fringes (see image above).

Tip: Comb the fringes with a pet brush to make them extra fluffy.