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DIY Macramé Pattern Rug Medina

  • Brand: Hoooked

  • TypeNumber: DOWNLOAD_PAT
  • Colours: Multicoloured
  • Texture: Low stretch
  • Material: Recycled Cotton
  • Weight: Chunky
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Another fun and easy to make project by Dutch macramé designer Elma Pluim. This cute macramé rug is made in two warm colours Spesso and has a Mediterranean feel. To make this rug you will need basic knowledge of the macramé techniques, such as the overhand knot and the square knot. But even if you don't know these techniques yet, this pattern is easy to follow for anyone who wants to learn macramé.

This Hoooked pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish. After we have received your payment, you will receive a separate email to download this pattern via your account.

Pattern designed by: Elma Pluim

Size of rug: The dimensions of this macramé rug are approx. 43cm (16,93 inch) x 82cm (32,28 inch) but it depends on how tightly you knot. The width of the rug is easy to adjust by adding more strands (width) on the beginning and / or cutting longer cords. The length of the floor math can be adjusted by, for example, doubling the cord length for a rug of 1.60m (62,99 inch).

To make this rug sturdy and firm, we work the entire rug with double thread (working two cords at the same time instead of one).

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DIY Macramé Pattern Rug Medina