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Somen 12 x 12 Mega Deal

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Needle size:
Knitting 4-5 mm
Crochet 4-5 mm
Ca. 100 gram
Yarn Length:
Ca. 165 meter
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Limitedstock!  Interestedin adding Somen to your collection? The Somen 12x12 Mega Deal is the perfectpackage to get started. This yarn package contains 12 packs of 12 Somenbobbins, one of each nature-inspired colour, available for a special price. The Somen 12x12 Mega Deal pack contains: 12x Vaniglia (SO11) 12x Taupe (SO12) 12 x Inverno (SO13) 12x Autunno (SO14) 12x Espresso (SO15) 12x Oro (SO16) 12x Ambra (SO17) 12x Pietra (SO18) 12x Abisso (SO19) 12x Mezzanotte (SO20) 12x Oliva (SO21) 12x Corallo (SO22) Somen is a light and airy blend of recycled cotton (60%) and linen (40%). Textile waste is shredded and combined with linen fibres to create a cotton-linen yarn that is perfect for crafting summer clothes.
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Product Details

Product Details


MaterialsLinen & Recycled Cotton
ColorCamel Beige Shades
WeightCa. 100 gram
Crochet hookCrochet 4-5 mm
Knitting needlesKnitting 4-5 mm
Yarn lengthCa. 165 meter
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