Sturdy round rug with eco-friendly Jute
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27 October 2020

Sturdy round rug with eco-friendly Jute

Sturdy round rug with eco-friendly Jute

Jute brings calmness and nature into your interior, and adds a nice bohemian vibe. This eco-friendly and 100% natural fibre has become very popular in various home decór trends. The raw style of Jute is something we absolutely adore and our favourite item to make ourselves is a sturdy rug. Jute rugs are a big trend at the moment. The project in this blogpost is super easy and perfect if you have little to no experience in making home accessories. A glue gun will be your best friend for making this rug! Hoooked 100% Natural Jute is available in a range of six toxic-free pastel colours. 

What you need: 

  • 4 bobbins 100% Natural Jute (4x 45m (49 yd))
  • A large piece of fabric from which you can cut out a circle with a diameter of 100cm
  • Glue gun


Size of rug: 
Diameter of approx. 100cm (39,37 inch)


The steps:

Grab a large piece of fabric, we used canvas fabric. Draw a circle with a diameter of 72cm (28,35 inch) and a circle of 100cm (39,37 inch) on this piece of fabric. Between these 2 circles you draw smaller circles of about 12cm, you can vary a bit in the size of these small circles. 

Grab your jute yarn and a glue gun. You are now going to stick the jute thread in rounds on the cloth with the glue gun. Start in the middle of the piece and go out like this, see photo 1-3. Finish 2 bobbins of Jute in this way, your circle now has a diameter of approx. 72 cm.



With the other two bobbins you will make the small circles, photo 4-5. Start again in the centre of each circle and glue the thread to the canvas fabric. When you have filled all the circles with the Jute yarn, cut away the excess canvas fabric. 

Your rug is finished! Now it’s time to pick a room where you can place this large rug, the living room is our favourite 😉