The simple bliss of Tunesian crochet
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24 November 2019

The simple bliss of Tunesian crochet

The simple bliss of Tunesian crochet

Tunesian crochet produces a robust and dense structure and is often used for baby makes and homewaresWe use it a lot for larger projects such as cushion covers with our super chunky yarn T-shirt. Tunesian crochet looks like something in between knitting and crochet and is super fun to learn. The Tunesian crochet hook is much longer then the regular crochet hook, almost like a knitting needle but then with a hook. So it feels kind of odd at first.

We recommend to start with the Tunesian simple stitch, which is indeed very simple to learn. You start by making a foundation row along the base chain and then make the return row. The first row is made with picking up stitches through the foundation chain, followed by a return row, then alternating pick up and return rows. The work itself can be quite therapeutic due to the repetition of the movements. Below a short video on how to work the foundation chain and how to make the return row using the simple Tunisian stitch.

Tunesian cushion cover made easy

Once you have mastered the simple stitch it is time to put the Tunisian stitch into practice. What you need:

For a cushion cover of approx. 40 cm x 40 cm start by working foundation chain of 35/40 cm (using a super chunky yarn like Hoooked Zpagetti this should be around 30 chain stitches, but we recommend to measure this). Then you just start to work until you have reached the correct height of 35/40 cm. Repeat to make the other side of the cushion. Crochet the two fabrics together using double crochet. Do not forget to increase by 2 in every corner to make a neat finishing). Just before you start joining the 4th side, you fill the cushion cover with a washable insert in a corresponding size.