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Zpagetti Flow Peach Flower

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Flow Zpagetti T-Shirt Yarn is a beautiful super soft and textile yarn. With this Zpagetti T-shirt Yarn you can crochet or knit any item quick and easy.   With this chunky bobbin of original Zpagetti T-yarn you can knit or crochet approximately 35 x 35 cm and this is sufficient for a small bag, a small cushion, or lots of bracelets and necklaces ... Dimensions 12 x 14 cm length: 90 m - 110 m weight approx. 600 g - 650 g (depending on the fabric composition). Zpagetti is the original T-yarn of superior quality recycled textile selvedges and remnants. Our original Zpagetti T-yarn is handpicked and selected by our own production centre in Portugal. This way we have full control on the workers conditions and production standards. Hoooked Zpagetti textile yarn is fully recycled and made of superior remnants from the European fashion industry. Hoooked Zpagetti textiles meet the European REACH standards..
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Product Details
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TextureMedium stretch
ColorPeach Shades
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