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How to Knit


Knitting is the new crochet is a running joke at Hoooked. But we have to admit: only after three successful crochet books with mostly crochet patterns, we started to focus on knitting with our t-shirt yarn. With some help of a knit pro, started to cast on and mastered the basic knitting stiches, such as knit stitch and purl stitch. With these two knitting stitches one can create very different textures. Our conclusion is that learn to knit is not difficult and it comes with a lot of bonuses. Knitting puts your hands and mind at work at the same time, leading to a state of Zen. Knitting therefore reduces our stress levels. And last but not least: knitting is super satisfactory: once you have completed your first knitting project, you will glow with pride! Hoooked recycled t-shirt yarns are super bulky and will create great results in a short time frame. Cotton yarn and t-shirt yarn are both ideal for the novice knitter as these yarns works fast and enable you to make stylish DIY projects.

Knitting Patterns

On our website you can find various super-fast knitting patterns. We have done our utmost to make clear instructions with easy-to-follow knitting illustrations. With these knitting patterns for fabric yarn, you will be able to knit a beautiful hat, an infinity scarf, and a cable knitted pillow or even a giant knit pouf. If you are a novice knitter we advise you to consider knitting a scarf as your first project as your tension will often tighten as your knitting skills improve. A scarf is a long straight piece of knitting to practice your knitting techniques and if your tension (gauge) tightens up, it will not show very much.

How to Knit

There isn’t a lot to learn before you are a knitter. Once you have mastered holding your knitting needles and you have learn how to knit the basics, such as: casting on, knitting, purling and casting off, you have become a member of the worldwide knitting community. In essence knitting is not much more then creating a series of loop of yarn together to make a fabric. The loops are held on a needle and, while working, transferred to the other needle. These loops can have different formats and are called knitting stitches. Many books have been published at the subject of knitting and this can be quite overwhelming or even intimidating for the novice knitter. Therefore we have made our knitting videos. You can now learn to knit with our basic video tutorials on knitting. So grab your knitting needles, a nice big bobbin of Zpagetti fabric yarn and get started with our knit instruction videos. The movie clips are filmed steadily and played in slow motion so you can easily follow the knit moves. There is no talk or music in our knit videos, you will not get distracted. This makes our knitting tutorials very effective. All the basic knit stiches are covered, but we also have instruction videos for more challenging knitting techniques such as left and right cables. With a little perseverance, anyone can learn to knit within a few hours or so. We advise you to start with a straight forward knitting project such as a hat or scarf, before you move on to the more elaborate knitting patterns. With a long straight piece you can practice your knitting skills and try out different knitting stitches. At Hoooked you find will all the inspiration you need to get started: we have the best knitting kits and the biggest collection of recycled fabric yarns across the globe. So get started and learn how to knit!
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