Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

Every Christmas we find the same type of Advent Calendar in stores: chocolates, make-up, cosmetics, pet treats and so on. But how about something different? Like making your own Advent Calendar.
If you love challenges, you will love this one! We invite you to be sustainable by using our recycled yarns, to be creative by assembling every part of this calendar the way you want and choosing a different treat or activity for each day. Planning the countdown has never been so entertaining before, and you can invite your family and friends to join in. Pretty cool, right?


The History of the Christmas Advent Calendar

Back in the 19th century, families marked every day leading up to Christmas Eve with a chalk line. Religious families in December used to hang 24-images gradually on the wall. 
It was around the beginning of the 20th century we started seeing the first printed Advent Calendars. And from 1920 these calendars began to get famous, and today they are a must-have.
Nowadays we can find many commercial Advent Calendars, mostly aimed at children, but also as a way for companies to share sample-sized versions of their products, for different audiences and ages. 
There was also an increase in homemade calendars, where people opt to build their own for themselves or to offer.


Let's build our own

We introduce you to our Advent Calendar which you can find at our store in Red or White. Designed by Nathaly from Studio Belovely, this beautiful project presents you with a PDF pattern for 4 different gift bags where you’ll learn new fun techniques such as tapestry crochet, puff stitching, colour change, creating tunnels and many others. The Yarn Pack contains a total of 20 skeins of Odyssey Lurex Astronomer, Soft Cotton Naples Red and Soft Cotton Moscow White for the Red one, or Odyssey Lurex Stardust, Soft Cotton Moscow White and Soft Cotton California Sand for the White one. There are also number tags, one for each bag. 


Christmas Advent Calendar WhiteChristmas Advent Calendar White
Christmas Advent Calendar RedChristmas Advent Calendar Red

But how should I dispose the days? Well, the fun about this Advent Calendar is the fact that you can assemble it the way you want! You can either make a tree of bags, make a garland out of them, spread it around the house, create a simple calendar or just decorate your Christmas tree. Creativity has no limits here! 

And what should I put inside? You can think about this task with your family and friends and mix everything you came up with to make it more fun. But if you want to surprise someone, check our list of suggestions below.  

♦ Make TikTok dance
♦ Watch a movie
♦ Bake cookies/cake
♦ Write a letter to Santa
♦ Put some chocolates or candies
♦ Make a puzzle
♦ Take a walk to see the Christmas lights
♦ Donate old toys
♦ Make a Christmas card
♦ Have a game night in pyjamas
♦ Make a gingerbread house
♦ Ornaments
♦ Mini craft kits
♦ New recipes
♦ Flavoured teas
♦ Take Christmas photos
♦ Make a treat for the neighbours
♦ Take pet treats to your local animal shelter
♦ DIY coupons
♦ Activities to help others
♦ Other activities your family loves to do together

The possibilities are endless to make the Christmas countdown unique.
Don’t wait any longer to start. Grab your DIY Kit before it’s too late!

We would love to see what you’ll make! Share your projects with us by tagging @hoooked.zpagetti and using the hashtag #gethoooked

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