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Back to School

Crochet and knitting have been known for a long time for having great benefits for both body and mind.

On the Back to School or back to our jobs period why not taking advantage of what these manual crafts have to offer us?

For students the benefits go from improving the capacity to focus, stimulating one’s creativity, relieving stress or the simple possibility to have your material with your own style.

For professionals stress and anxiety relieve are definitely good reasons to start training your crochet or knitting abilities, but also the repetition of an action has shown to have a calming effect which will come in hand at a moment where we need to pick up the pace again, after a well-deserved relaxing holiday period.

For youngsters and with today’s increasing interest in this type of crafts, maybe in particular crochet, as it is much easier to start with, there is a great advantage: crochet is cool and is social! People connect over this new rediscovered hobby and it can be a great way to create new relationships.

Crochet and knitting make us happy! This is not just an expression. There are studies showing that crochet and knitting actually release happy hormones. So, let’s go for it!


Here are a few of our favorites to get back to school in style!

1. California Backpack

Want to crochet your own backpack? That's totally do-able with this crochet kit for the California Backpack. We admit, there's not much you can put in, but this bag is cool and very fashionable. This crocheted backpack in bright neon colors RibbonXL is a statement piece for your wardrobe. Within a few hours you can whip up this cute little crochet rucksack yourself!

Pattern designed by: Sweet Crochetions

Size of the bag: 35cm width x 30cm hight

This kit contains: - RibbonXL Neon Atomic Tangerine (3x250g (8.82oz) - Crochet hook 9 mm (US 13) and 6 mm (US 10) - Darning needle

Download this pattern and crochet this backpack! This Hoooked pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish. After we have received your payment, you will receive a separate email to download this pattern via your account.

Pattern designed by: Antoinette Crochet

What you need:  - 3 bobbins RibbonXL Neon (3x 250g)  - Crochet hook 9 mm (US 13) and 6 mm (US 10)  - Darning needle 

Please note: Our pattern uses UK crochet terms. UK = US Double Crochet (dc) = Single Crochet (sc) Half Treble (htr) = Half Double (hdc) Treble (tr) = Double Crochet (dc)

backpack californiabackpack california
bottle bag bogotoabottle bag bogotoa

2. Bottle bag Bogota

 The crochet bag is made with Tossa, our thin 100% Jute yarn. The jute is fairtrade and sustainably produced in Brazille and adds a natural touch to every occasion. Tossa is available in 8 colours, so you can create a bag for every outfit. The pattern for this small market bag was designed by our Hoooked team.

Measurements: The bag has a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 20 cm (excl hendel).

This kit contains:

50g. Tossa Serenity Mint
Crochet hook 5 mm (H/8)

3. Sardegna Bag

This sand-coloured crocheted bag Sardegna is lightweight and sturdy with a vegan leather bag base. This bag can be ready to go within 2-3 hours! Starting from the bag base you crochet all around in spiral.

The bag is 30 cm wide by approx. 25 cm high (excluding the handles). This bag is easy to crochet and therefore suitable for anyone with basic experience in this relaxing hobby. With the complete crochet kit, you get everything you need to crochet this nice bag yourself.

Sizes of the bag: 25cm (9,84 inch) x 35cm (13,78 inch) This set contains: 3 bobbins RibbonXL Sandy ecru 10 mm crochet hook (US size 15)

Darning needle

2 vegan leather bag handles Manico

Bag base


sardegna bagsardegna bag
Jonkoping bagJonkoping bag

4. Pattern Project bag Jönköping

This crochet project bag is prefect for crafters that like to travel and take their relaxing hobby with them. You can easily stow away multiple WIP’s and all the tools and accessories needed to complete your project. The sizes of the outer compartments of this project bag can be customised according to your liking. This DIY crochet project bag is another great design made by Mariska from Handmadejolie. We are totally in love with this project bag! So if you are going for a short trip or longer vacation and would like to take your crochet or other WIP projects with you: this is the perfect bag for it! The size of this bag is 20 x 28 cm (8 x 11 inches)

This pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish. After we have received your payment, you will receive a separate email with instructions to download this pattern.


Eco Barrbante Taupe 2 x 200g.
Eco Barbante Almond 1 x 200g.
Crochet hook 4 mm (G/ 6)
Vegan leer pochette handle crema
2 wooden beads
Needle and scissors

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