The best gifts for crafters

The best gifts for crafters

At Hoooked you can find gifts for your crafter friends, even if you’re searching for a last-minute present. We have talked with our team to discover what they would like to receive or gift to another fellow crafter.
For a maker, receiving something connected to their craft always feels like getting candy! «Bring it on!»
And for those who love receiving handmade gifts, we have many options on our website. From DIY kits of garments to bags, house decor, and amigurumi, there are endless possibilities to make one happy.
Let’s find out!


DIY Kits

A DIY Kit is always a nice present for a maker/crafter. We have crochet, knitting and macramé kits, from amigurumi to home decor and garments. For both beginners and advanced crafters. Which one(s) will you choose?


DIY Crochet Kit Project bag JönköpingDIY Crochet Kit Project bag Jönköping
DIY Crochet Kit Highland Cow AidanDIY Crochet Kit Highland Cow Aidan
DIY Crochet Shopper Kit BubblegumDIY Crochet Shopper Kit Bubblegum
DIY Crochet Kit Tuvalu Cushion Cover VanigliaDIY Crochet Kit Tuvalu Cushion Cover Vaniglia
DIY Crochet Kit Winter Snowman Jingle DIY Crochet Kit Winter Snowman Jingle
DIY Macramé Kit Wallhanger FarosDIY Macramé Kit Wallhanger Faros
DIY Crochet Kit Cushion EvoraDIY Crochet Kit Cushion Evora
DIY Crochet Kit "Dream Cloud"DIY Crochet Kit "Dream Cloud"
DIY Crochet Kit Blanket La BocaDIY Crochet Kit Blanket La Boca
DIY Crochet Kit Watermelon Pencil CaseDIY Crochet Kit Watermelon Pencil Case

Other presents

If you have a friend or a family member interested in learning to crochet or macramé, why not gift a Starters Set?
But if the other person is already a crafter, we suggest you offer something we know it will love - accessories, hook sets, magazines, or gift cards!



Starters Set ZpagettiStarters Set Zpagetti
Cose scissors storkCose scissors stork
Pony Colour Crochet Hooks SetPony Colour Crochet Hooks Set
Soft cotton DK yarn packSoft cotton DK yarn pack
Inspiration KitsInspiration Kits

Hoooked Gift Card

If your crafter friends already have it all and you are unsure what to give them, you should offer one of our Hoooked Gift Cards! Starting from 15€ and up to 100€, they will be perfect for those who want to try out a new yarn or even make stock of their favourite one! Or even buy the latest DIY Kit that recently caught their eye.


Patterns and more patterns

If you’re looking for a fast project to make, or even to offer to that friend who loves surprises and cute patterns, this selection might be what you need. We have a wide variety of patterns translated into different languages. Take a look.

DIY Crochet Pattern Monkey MaceDIY Crochet Pattern Monkey Mace
DIY Knitting Pattern Capelet Sierra NevadaDIY Knitting Pattern Capelet Sierra Nevada
DIY Macramé Pattern Kitchen Holder RatatouilleDIY Macramé Pattern Kitchen Holder Ratatouille

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