5 Ideas to Celebrate International Crochet Month in March

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International Crochet Month

March is known as the International Crochet Month. Crochet is absolutely amazing for your body and soul, so let's seize the occasion and celebrate in a different way. We have five ideas for you and at Hoooked we are going to put one of them in practice! Choose your favorite or just do them all.

1. Teach someone to crochet

This is the idea we are going to implement in 2023. We are running a free online crochet beginners’ class. You can do your own teaching or just encourage your friends and family to engage with us. Follow the link to know all the details about it.

2. Crochet in public

Grab your yarns and hook, choose a bench in the park, sit down and relax with your crochet. Or just do it by drinking a cup of coffee in the neighbourhood. 

3. Start a new crochet project

We have so many wonderful project ideas for you. You can search all of our DIY crochet kits here. Usually in a kit you find the yarn, the printed pattern and the accessories you need. 

But if you want to choose your own colour pallet, you can get the online pattern here, and choose the yarn and the colours you want.

4. Learn a new crochet technique

Have you ever tried tapestry crochet? It enables you to create multiple areas of different colours, with invisible colour change, in your crochet work.  On our YouTube channel, we have a video tutorial on it here.

And here is a project idea for you to crochet and apply this technique.

Mochila Basket MontrealMochila Basket Montreal

DIY Crochet Kit Mochila Basket Montreal

This mochila look crochet basket is a challenge for the intermediate to advanced crocheter! The crochet pattern is designed by Nathaly from StudioBelovely and extensively tested during our 2022 Blue Monday CAL. The yarn used for this tapestry basket is Eco Barbante. This yarn is both soft and sturdy, ideal for crocheting baskets!
The motif on the bottom and the side of the basket is worked with the tapestry technique. This technique combined with other used techniques make this basket a fun challenge. But with the tips on the Hoooked CAL facebook page it should be very doable (the Facebook page is in dutch)! Decorate your living room, bedroom or hallway with this crocheted storage basket in green/brown shades, blue shades, or make your own color combination!

Measurements: the diameter of the bottom is 34 cm, the height is 19 cm incl. handels.

This kit contains:

  • 200g. Eco Barbante colour A
  • 200g. Eco Barbante colour B
  • 100g. Eco Barbante colour C
  • Crochet hook 4 mm (G/6)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Pattern

5. Learn a new crochet stitch

We just love Bobble stitches. Here you have a video tutorial for you to learn. 

And of course, two projects for you to practice.

Floor Mat Bobble Stitch CarboneFloor Mat Bobble Stitch Carbone

DIY Free Crochet Pattern Floor Mat Bobble Stitch Carbone

Enjoy this free crochet pattern to practice with the bobble stitch. This floormat is machine washable and therefore suitable for use throughout the house. The dark grey colour is perfect for the modern bathroom, but you can also choose from any of the other 30 colours of RibbonXL we have in stock. The bath mat is worked alternating double crochet and bobble stitches, with rows of double crochet in between. This way the bobbles will lay nicely in the crochet work.

This free pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German and English.

DIY Crochet Pattern Zig-Zag Bobble Basket

This crocheted basket is decorated with crochet bobbles. The bobble stitch is a fun stitch that adds texture to the crochet work. This storage basket has a boho vibe and is made with Spesso and with Somen. The design of this crochet basket is made by Ana D. This pattern is for everyone with a who already knows the basic stitches of crochet and is ready for a new DIY challenge. This pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish. After we have received your payment, you will receive a separate email with instructions to download this pattern.

Zig-Zag Bobble BasketZig-Zag Bobble Basket

Happy International Crochet Month!!

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