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Hoooked on Love: Heart Keychain Free Pattern

Hoooked on Love: Heart Keychain Free Pattern

On Valentine’s Day, giving handmade gifts to our loved ones holds a special meaning. To assist you in creating the perfect gift for this occasion, explore our exclusive DIY crochet, knitting and macramé kits and yarn selection! If you're searching for a small yet meaningful gift, our FREE PATTERN is just what you need. Discover them now!

6 months ago
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Witch's Hat

Spooky season ahead + free pattern

Let the spooky season begin! At Hoooked, we love Halloween, so naturally we love Halloween decorations! It’s time for some crochet patterns while watching our favourite scary movies. Boooooo!

10 months ago
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8 tips to reduce energy consumption

8 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption at Home

Every day we hear news about how winter will hit us, about the continuous increase of costs that go beyond any expectations, in particular energy costs.

But we can’t just sit and wait for it to happen. We must adopt in our daily life, measures to reduce our individual energy consumption. And that’s why Hoooked brings you 8 tips to reduce energy consumption at home.

There are several others, but we choose the ones we think you can implement immediately with little or no investment at all. And naturally, one of the measures includes crochet! Keep reading to see how!

2 years ago
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Stitching your way back to school

Stitching your way back to school

Crochet and knitting have been known for a long time for having great benefits for both body and mind.

On the Back to School or back to our jobs period why not taking advantage of what these manual crafts have to offer us?

For students the benefits go from improving the capacity to focus, stimulating one’s creativity, relieving stress or the simple possibility to have your material with your own style.

For professionals stress and anxiety relieve are definitely good reasons to start training your crochet or knitting abilities, but also the repetition of an action has shown to have a calming effect which will come in hand at a moment where we need to pick up the pace again, after a well-deserved relaxing holiday period.

2 years ago
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Beginner project! The easiest crochet flowers.

Beginner project! The easiest crochet flowers.

Crochet flowers are such fun to decorate with! Whether you are looking for floral abundance or just plain cute, this free crochet flower pattern is just what you need to create a nice embellishment for your crochet work.  When you crochet this six-petal flower, it will have a buttonhole right in the centre of it. You can add the button to attach the flower to your crochet work or leave it open for a simpler floral design. This project is perfect for an absolute beginner looking for a cute and easy-to-make embellishment. You will be ready in no time! 

2 years ago
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