8 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption at Home

8 tips to reduce energy consumption

8 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption at Home

Winter is coming… and this time it is not just in Winterfell (a very cold place, in case you missed Game of Thrones).

Every day we hear news about how winter will hit us, about the continuous increase of costs that go beyond any expectations, in particular energy costs.

But we can’t just sit and wait for it to happen. We must adopt in our daily life, measures to reduce our individual energy consumption. And that’s why Hoooked brings you 8 tips to reduce energy consumption at home.

There are several others, but we choose the ones we think you can implement immediately with little or no investment at all. And naturally, one of the measures includes crochet! Keep reading to see how!

8 Tips


1 - Avoid having the lights on in spaces you are not using and give preference to clear and little opaque abat-jours to reduce the need of using powerful lamps


2 - Air your house during the day in winter and overnight in summer and always keep blinds and curtains running during periods of higher heat in summer and open during the winter (to let the sun in)


3 - Avoid stand-by equipment mode, by using multiple connection extensions with a switch that allows you to turn off several appliances. This also avoids forgetfulness (e.g. during holiday periods)


4 - Adjust your clothes to temperature, reducing the use of heating or cooling equipment


5 - Do not put hot food in the refrigerator and plan what you have to remove/put in the refrigerator and do it at once


6 - Whenever possible, cook with pots and pans covered in order to keep the heat and turn off the oven/stove a few minutes before the food is at the desired point (the heat stays for a while after turning off)


7 - Iron only the necessary pieces and turn off the iron before the last piece, in order to take advantage of the heat that remains, even after turning off


8 - Insulate windows and doors

Wind BlockerWind Blocker
Hoooked wind blockerHoooked wind blocker

And about this last point, we can crochet our way out of it! ????

So, let’s get winter out of our homes with some creative DIY items. And in the process, if using Hoooked yarn, we even support our planet by avoiding more textiles waste.

As you probably know, most of our yarns are made out of recycled cotton (eg. RibbonXL, Eco Barbante, Spesso, Soft Cotton, Wavy Blends) and re-used t-shirt fabric (Zpagetti).

This week we want to introduce you to our most recent creation: the Windblocker: it is ideal to stop cold air from coming into our homes being it through windows or doors.

This, in turn, makes your heating system, whichever you may use, more efficient. By avoiding that cold air comes in, you use less energy to keep your house warm and so reduce your expenses.

Hoooked’s Windblocker is simple to make, you can do it with the diameter or length that you want and you can pick your favorite colors to go with your home deco. Yes, this post blog comes with a new concept that we are testing and want to hear your opinion of it. In this new concept, you add the Windblocker pattern to your shopping basket and then choose the colors according to your taste. This gives you all the freedom to your creativity!

To crochet the Windblocker you need:

3 bobbins of RibbonXL

3 bags filling Storm (250 grams bags)

Crochet needle 8

Tapestry needle


Get inspired by the one from the photos, colours and ways to use it. Ou designer used the following colours

A pattern by Lotte Benedict from Studio Belovely

wind blockerwind blocker
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