Easy to knot! Macramé feather project

Easy to knot! Macramé feather project
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They can be found everywhere on Pinterest: macramé feathers. It is a simple DIY project and a fun way to engage in the knotting technique. This project uses 1 basic knot and then you cut the yarn nicely into shape. For an extra fluffy macramé feather, comb the yarns with a fine comb (I used a cat brush). Depending on the yarns used, you can use it as home deco, key ring or even as Ibiza style earrings. I made the macramé feather with Hoooked Spesso yarn, which is a nice chunky yarn made from recycled cotton. Perfect for macramé home decor!

What you need:

  • Approx. 10 meters of Hoooked Spesso
  • A pair of scissors
  • A fine comb (e.g. a cat brush)
  • Optional: large wooden bead

Macramé feather in 5 steps

  1. Fold the 30 cm thread in half and place it on a table with the loop up. This will be the shaft of the feather .
  2. Cut the rest of the yarn in pieces of 24 cm (approx). This will be the plumes of the feather.
  3. Knot each thread in the middle on the shaft, close each thread with a tight knot and and knot as many as you can fit on the shaft.
  4. Comb all the plumes to create volume. Use a fine comb or brush to separate the individual yarns and threads.
  5. Once you have created the volume you want, cut the ends of the fringes to make it a nice feather shape.


For a nice finishing: to make the feather a bit more sturdy you can fixate the plumes with a bit of textile glue (in spray form) or with regular hair spray. You can also use small leftovers from Eco Barbante. This will make smaller feathers, which can be used for mobile hangers.

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