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Zpagetti Baby Mix Prints Set 9 pcs

In stock
In stock
Needle size:
Knitting 10-12 mm
Crochet 10-12 mm
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Zpagetti Baby Mix Print Set is very suitable to get to know our fabulous and handpicked T-yarn Zpagetti. Each baby Zpagetti roll is ideal to make small accessories, such as bracelets, bangles for your bag or necklaces. Each baby Zpagetti has a length of about 25 meters and weighs about 125 grams. Set contains 9 pcs baby zpagetti in mixed colours. The content may vary, but is always carefully selected by our staff. Composition: 92% cotton, 8% spandex.
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Product Details

Product Details

Custom attributes

Custom attributes
Crochet hookCrochet 10-12 mm
Knitting needlesKnitting 10-12 mm
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