Five easy knitting projects
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21 September 2020

Five easy knitting projects

Five easy knitting projects
Knitting can be very relaxing once you have mastered this craft. The repetitive movements cause our body to release serotonin which creates calmness and well-being. In addition to this, knitting helps us to concentrate and encourages using fine-motor skills. We recommend to start knitting with chunky or even super chunky yarns. This way you will have a better grip on the needles and the stitches. But most importantly… using super chunky yarns will ensure your project grows fast and is finished in a short amount of time! 
When you are starting a new hobby like knitting, making a knitted scarf, hat or a cushion cover are safe and easy projects to enhance your knitting skills and gain more confidence. In this blog you will find five easy knitting projects that will help you gain more experience and give you the opportunity to experiment with different stitches. Before you know it, you will be able to venture out into cable knitting and create beautiful rugs, plaids and blankets and become a knitting pro! 

Knitting a scarf and beanie

Colourful, nice and warm! With this RibbonXL hat and scarf knitting pattern, you will knit a comfy winter outfit. RibbonXL feels woolly, but is made from recycled cotton and is 100% itch-free! This super chunky yarn creates well defined stitches and a fast-growing project. This knitted hat and scarf are finished in a couple of evenings. This combo is a perfect autumn warmer, knit them in vibrant colours to beat the darkness of the upcoming winter days! 

Chunky knitted cushions

Who does not love the texture of knitted cushion covers? Creating new cushion covers is a quick way to freshen up your living space. RibbonXL is just a perfect yarn for cushions as it creates bulky and soft airy textures and can be washed in the washing machine. This knitting pattern is a good way to experiment with the stitches and create several knitted textures. This pattern design is easy to make and will take you about two evenings of blissful knitting. This cushion pattern includes instructions for multiple knitted textures, such as the horizontal rib stitch, the diagonal rib stitch and the herringbone. Just select your favourite texture and knit your own! 

Knit a versatile basket

Another fun and relatively easy project is a knitted basket. Knitted baskets are a musthave in many modern interior designs as they provide texture and depth (besides feeling super cosy). A knitted basket is perfect for storing your yarn, magazines or any other items you want to stow away. This knitted basket is designed by the fabulous US knitting designer Jen Geigley. You can hang this storage basket to save space. Like previous knitting projects, this basket is knitted with RibbonXL; a versatile super chunky yarn, which is very well suited for beginners that want to learn how to knit. 

Soft knitted baby mittens

This project is knitted with finer yarns and a great gift for any new mom. Knitted mittens are very easy to make and this design is worked with 2 colours of yarn, but of course you can make the pattern even more simpler by knitting the mittens in just one colour. These cute knitted mittens are made with Eucalyps, a soft and silky plant-based yarn with a beautiful, subtle sheen. Using this yarn makes the mittens super soft and very suitable for the sensitive baby skin. A great alternative is Somen, this yarn is made from recycled cotton and linen and a bit more sturdy to the touch. This knitting pattern for knitted mittens is designed by the lovely British designer Emmaknitty. 

Knit a comfy pouf

DIY Poufs are considered „signature“ Hoooked projects and of course cannot be ignored in this list of five easy knitting patterns. Knitted poufs have been around for a long time, but it is easily one of our favourite knitting projects to make for the home. Its soft textural shape is both simple and bold and suits every interior style. With this pattern you can make your own affordable knitted pouf. We have a variety of DIY pouf kits available in store, this way you are making sure you have the yarn, pattern and knitting needles in one go, so you are able to start immediately! 



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