Frequently Asked Questions

1. Hoooked collection

1.1 Is the entire Hoooked collection online?

All products that Hoooked currently delivers online to consumers, are available online on our website Hoooked. We only display products we currently have on the shelves in our web shop. . When a product is temporarily not deliverable, but will return in our online collection, we will state that in the additional information about the product. Note that the collection always varies and that for our Zpagetti range it is not at all possible to order the same color batch. That has to do with the nature of the product: these are recycled left over’s from the fashion industry.

1.2 The online collection changes constantly, how can that be?

Send us an email with the desired color description (in RAL color code), together with the number of rolls and if possible a digital image of the color you want and we send our men browsing through our big warehouse for you. Once we have found your desired color, we will contact you and notify you on how you can proceed to order with us. 

1.3 I can only order a maximum amount a product in my shopping cart. Is that correct?

You can only order from our real time stock. You can only select products in your shopping cart that we physically have on the shelves in our web shop  at the moment you purchase with us. We do not believe in back ordering or keep our customers waiting! 

1.4 Do you have all the items on stock?

The total Hoooked online product range we display on the Hoooked website is on stock. You cannot order products online we do not have in stock. Working this way we ensure fast shipping upon receiving your payment. 

1.5 Same product, another price. How is that possible?

If there are two products on the website with the same name description, but with a different price, it probably refers to the same product name, but  its content size or packaging is different.

1.6 Where can I find my invoice?

You will receive your order together with a packing slip mentioning the products you have ordered. The invoice can be found as an attachment to the email message we when we confirm we have shipped your items. If you have any questions with regards to an invoice, you can reach us via the information on the contact page. 

2. Return policy

2.1 Can I return the order?

Not entirely satisfied with your purchase? Hoooked stands for the quality of its products. You can return your goods, under certain conditions, Look for our return policy on the webpage dedicated to returns and read our delivery terms and the Hoooked warranty to ensure you follow the correct procedure for returns and refunds. In any case, always make sure to contact us before you return any goods. 

3. Account Information | My account

3.1 Did you forget your password?

You can request a new password here. Fill in your e-mail address and you will immediately receive an e-mail to reset your password.

3.2 Change data?

Click at my account > my data at the top of this page.If you are logged in, you will land at your your account page where you can change your information.

3.3 I get the message: email address does not exist.

When you see this message, it means that the e-mail address is not known to us. Verify if you have used the correct email address.

3.4 I get the message 'email address does not exist ", but I do already have an account.

Verify if you have entered your email address without typing errors.

3.5 I get the message: Email address or password is incorrect.

Check for possible typing error’s in your password and if capslock is on, and try again. If you continue to receive the message, request a new password.

Below are some general tips for choosing your password. These tips apply to all situations where passwords are required:
- Always use a different password, unique for each website.
- Change all your passwords regularly.
- Use passwords of at least 8 characters.
- A good password includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
- Do not use obvious passwords, such as names or birth dates.

3.6 Newsletter

In your account, under "my data ', you can subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter via your account.

4. Contact information

4.1 Do you want to get in touch with us?

The most practical way is to send an e-mail to On working days you can expect a response within 48 hours. Do you have a question about an order? Please always put your order number or invoice number in the email. Alternatively can our call centre on working days between 09:00 and 17:00 CET. You can find our contact information on the contact page.

4.2. What are our contact details?

You can reach us on business days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CET (UTC+1). Call centre: +31703351886

You can also reach us by email. Send your question to webshop(at) and we will answer as soon as possible!

4.3 Suggestions and complaints

We are always looking for ways to improve our services. Should you have any suggestions, complaints or ideas, please do not hesitate and let us know! We can be reached via the information on the contact page. You can expect a response on working days within 48 hours.

5. Security and privacy

5.1 Are my details kept confidential?

Hoooked respects the privacy of all customers. Personal data are treated with the greatest possible care and are fully shielded. Your order information will not be shared with third parties.





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